Thinking About Volunteering? Here’s What Volunteers Have to Say


Have you thought about becoming a volunteer? Do you wonder what else you could do with your time? It can be daunting to figure out what to do or where to start when it comes to the path to volunteering. Luckily, some of our volunteers were willing to chat with us and impart some words of wisdom to those who are on the fence about donating their time.

Follow Your Interests

So, what exactly do volunteers have to say? For starters, be aware of your interests! Whether it pertains to the type of organization you would like to give your time to, or the specific role you would like to take, make sure it’s something that you enjoy doing. There is joy in volunteering when the cause resonates with you.

You’d be surprised at what’s out there that could align perfectly with that you would like to do.

“Volunteering gives me purpose. It makes me feel proud and connected.” – Jenell C.

Volunteers Are Necessary to Strong Communities

Many of our volunteers pointed out that there is a surprising need for help on the North Shore. Chat with the team at NSCR to quickly find out where there is need that suits your talents and interests. One volunteer pointed out that people on the North Shore often take for granted that everyone has what they need. Once she started volunteering, she realized how many people are able to stay independent in their homes and have an enhanced quality of life – with just a little kindness from volunteers.

The Surprise Benefits of Helping Out

In the words of Better at Home volunteer, Allan G., “It’s very rewarding!” To know that you are making a positive difference in someone’s life has emotional benefits. It also helps you feel connected to your community. Many volunteers learn about the people they are working with – and are often reminded that everyone in the community has their own histories.

As a Better at Home volunteer, you don’t have to commit lots of time, you just have to be willing to connect with people.

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