Seniors One Stop

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Are you a senior or someone assisting a senior and need help finding services and programs to meet your needs?

NSCR’s Seniors One Stop (SOS) program supports the independence, dignity, and health of seniors on the North Shore by providing information and referral to a wide range of resources and services. We are your first step to finding the information you need!

We provide information on how to access home support, meal and shopping programs, transportation options and where to attain supportive equipment. We can help you navigate information on subsidized housing, financial benefits, and referrals to legal services. SOS helps you to stay connected and active with information about social, recreational, and volunteer activities.

Our free and confidential services are offered by phone or by appointment. We will listen carefully, answer any questions you may have, and empower you with information.

The work you do makes such a difference in the lives of those that need it the most. Thank you for all that you do.

Seniors One Stop Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for the SOS service?

No, our SOS service is free and confidential.

I don’t live near my mom. She lives alone and I am worried about her. What resources are available to support her?

In Seniors One Stop, we are always researching and updating our resources. Our volunteers can help you find community supports for your mom to age well and feel supported .

I am an older adult needing a ride to my medical appointments. Are there any low cost transportation options available?

Yes. There are a variety of options available depending on your circumstances and needs. We can also refer you to the Better at Home program at NSCR.

I am feeling socially isolated. Are there places in the community I can connect with for support?

Yes! We can tell you about some of the programs in the community to help you feel more connected.

I am interested in volunteering and helping seniors in this area, how do I find out more?

At NSCR, we are also a volunteer agency, you can call us to learn about some of the opportunities here or at other agencies.


SOS Volunteers
Available Monday-Friday, 9-4:30PM

Kathy Jarvis, Seniors One Stop Program Coordinator
Direct Line: 604-982-3312

Alex Kershaw, NSCR Volunteer Coordinator
Direct Line: 604-982-3307

Updates and Resources

To view the Seniors Directory, a helpful resource guide for services and programs available for North Shore seniors, click here.

To learn more about North Shore Better at Home, NSCR’s program that provides a variety of non-medical services to assist you to live independently in your home, click here.

To learn more about NSCR’s Caregiver Support Program, which supports people in informal caregiving roles, click here.

Thank You

Seniors One Stop is made possible by our sponsors New Horizons for Seniors, North Shore News, the Government of British Columbia, West Vancouver Foundation, and Neptune Terminals and by charitable donors like you. Thank you.