Seniors One Stop (SOS) Question of the Month: March 2024

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I got my letter from Service Canada regarding an invitation to apply for the new Canadian Dental Care Plan. What does the process look like?

Call the automated phone system before April 30, 2024 to complete your application.

The process is very easy and you should have the following available when you call 1-833-537-4342:

      1. Application code from letter
      2. Social Insurance Number
      3. Knowledge about yearly income
      4. You will have to answer questions about whether you have other private insurance coverage or public dental coverage through another social program. This information is important to coordinate the payment of dental claims should you qualify for the benefit.

After the application process , you will receive a letter explaining your eligibility decision within 15 days. Following that , if you are eligible, your welcome package from Sunlife will arrive within 3 months.

Dental work will not begin until May 2024 and not all dentists will be participating. A roster of participating dentists will be available. You could ask your dentist if they are participating in the program.

Not all dental work is covered and you may be expected to pay part of the cost. Cost schedules may differ than what your dentist charges and each province is different. You should be able to ask for an explanation of their fee schedule when you visit the dentist.



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