Seniors One Stop (SOS) Questions of the Month: July 2023

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I am a senior over 60 with low to moderate income and finding it hard to find  affordable rental housing. I am looking at Below Market Housing options but there are current waitlists. If I were to rent a place in the private market , are there any rent assistance programs I can apply for?

You may be eligible for Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER) . This is a BC Housing Program for eligible low to moderate income renters age 60 and older who are paying more than 30% of gross income to rent in the private market. Safer is a non taxable rent benefit. If you visit their website , you can click on a link called Rental Assistance Program calculator to get an estimate of what you may be eligible for . Please note that there is a maximum income ceiling for each area and it is not available to those living in Subsidized housing or receiving Income Assistance. Check the website for more information:


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