Getting to know Kim Sinclair, Better at Home on Bowen Program Coordinator

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There are people who care about others – and then there is Kim Sinclair.

Kim is a long-time Bowen Islander on a mission to make sure that the community is taken care of. Originally from the UK, she moved to Bowen Island in 1996. Back then, Kim was a frequent visitor to Canada even though she still lived in the UK and worked as an accounts manager for a Canadian airline. It didn’t take long for her to decide that Canada was home, so she stayed.

Anyone who has been to Bowen Island understands the feeling of awe that fills you as you approach the land from the water. For Kim, the first time she laid eyes on the coastal mountains of the island, she felt at home. She always wanted to live near the ocean and be surrounded by nature. The very first day she visited, she bought a home – and she has lived there ever since.

“[Bowen] always felt like home to me. We have an amazing community.” – Kim Sinclair

Like everywhere, things on the island have changed over the years. When she first moved there were no rules. There were dogs wandering freely, and no bylaw signs to be seen. While there may be more to adhere to these days, there is still a free-spirited feeling everywhere you roam.

Point of interest: Kim also works as the executive director of Coast Animal Welfare and Education, Bowen Island’s animal welfare organization.

Sense of Community and Better at Home on Bowen

Kim has been actively involved in many different things on Bowen. She has seen first hand how important community is to everyone there. Because of this, she is the perfect fit in her role at NSCR as the Bowen Island Better at Home on Bowen Program Coordinator. The way that Kim sees the program is that it gives back to the older adults in the community. She thinks of it as returning the favour to seniors who have given their time, and now deserve relax a little. People on Bowen look out for one another, and this program is no exception.

In her mind, Kim knew that she wanted to work with older adults. A representative from Bowen’s Caring Circle program told her about the Better at Home on Bowen job and encouraged her to apply. Kim applied thinking that her chances were slim, but she got the role – and we are all so grateful!

Between this role and her job as the executive director of Coast Animal Welfare and Education, she feels so blessed. These positions work really well together. In fact, Kim was recently able to organize a visit from a lovely kitten for a senior who “just wanted to cuddle a cat.”

Working with seniors is incredibly rewarding for Kim. She just loves it. After spending a few years taking care of her parents in their last days, she knew that this kind of role was something she wanted to keep up professionally. That being said, the job goes beyond just work and is more about being a community member. With her involvement in the community, Kim often gets referrals for people just through word of mouth.

About the Better at Home on Bowen Program

The program is open to all residents of Bowen Island who are 65 years and over or who are between the ages of 55-64 and on disability assistance. To be eligible, a resident must be living independently and not in private or publicly subsidized assisted living or a long-term care home. Our team of carefully chosen volunteers help with the following:

  • Grocery or prescription pick-up and delivery
  • Assistance with grocery shopping on island
  • Light yard work
  • Minor home repair
  • Transportation on island
  • Transportation off island to medical appointments
  • Friendly visiting
  • Light housekeeping services

Kim knows a lot of people on Bowen. So even if there is a service you or someone you know may need that the program does not provide, she can likely point you in the right direction.

Words of Encouragement

It’s not just clients who get a lot out of the Better at Home on Bowen program. Kim notices that many potential clients don’t feel deserving of getting free at home services. What she wants people to know is that these services are available to be used. Once she gets the facetime and a chance to explain things, stuff happens! She makes people feel secure and comfortable being involved. This comes as no surprise given her obvious compassion and commitment to the community.

Words from Kim:

You are entitled to it! People feel they don’t deserve the help. It’s your turn to enjoy these services and maintain independence in your home.

Get Involved

If you would like to volunteer, contact Kim. This summer there is particularly high demand for gardeners.

If you or someone in your life could benefit as a client, reach out to Kim to get started on intake.

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